A thousand lips
A thousand tongues
A thousand throats
A thousand lungs
A thousand ways to make it true
I want to do terrible things to you

Vampires can be traced to approximately 125 AD.  Originally, the name Upir, appeared in Greek mythology and referred to a creature with Vampire qualities.  The word Upir is found for the first time in written form in 1047, in a letter to a Russian prince, and later the word became Vampire. 

There are many races of Vampires and they share similar, though not identical abilities.  Each race of Vampire have different origins, and then are also further subdidived into clans.  There are also many generations of Vampires. 

Caine is the father of all Vampires, making him first generation.  The curse of Vampiric blood has been transmitted from sire to child via the mellinnia, and as it is passed on its power weakens.  Generation, thereby is also a measurement of power.

Throughout history many Vampires have been female.  The Femme Fatale is a complex Icon, a long lived Goddess, and continues to lure many admirers such as yourself.  A vixen, who takes on many forms to entrance her subjects, must be strong and cunning to weave her web of deceipt.    


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